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Connect view Connect to, or disconnect from, your truck.
Dashboard view View data from 57 different sensors.
DTC view Read and clear DTCs.
Status flags view Monitor status flags.
MIL/STS dashlamps view MIL and STS dashlamps controls.
Engine shutoff solenoid view Engine shutoff solenoid controls.
Injector balance view Injector balance control.
Glow plug control view Glow plug control.
RPM control view RPM control.
TDC control view TDC Time Set and TDC Learn control.
Transmission control view Transmission control.
Wastegate control view Wastegate control.
Snapshot viewer Snapshot viewer.
Settings Settings window.
ALDL Interface Test The ALDL Interface Test is used to check connectivity between your PC and the ALDL interface.
GMTDScan Tech updates download GMTDScan Tech updates are downloadable from within the application.

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